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 :: The Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award for Community Leadership - 2014  

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The Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award for Community Leadership - 2014
Recipient: Mr. Thamboo Thevarajah

The recipient of the Saba Ravishankar Memorial Community Leadership Award for 2014 was
Mr. Thamboo Thevarajah.

It is with great pleasure National Capital Region Tamil Association (NCRTA) awarded the Saba Ravishankar memorial award - 2014 to Mr. Thampoo Thevarajah for community leadership. Mr. Thamboo epitomizes the very essence of community service and volunteerism, which the late Saba Ravishankar was known for.

Mr. Thamboo Thevarajah was born in Kopay, Sri Lankan, spent his younger days in Singapore but soon was back to his beloved Jaffna. He became a qualified surveyor at the age of 21, working in Sri Lanka and abroad. Although very successful in his chosen profession, Mr. Thampoo did not confine himself to his work and family but extended his services to fellow citizens. In his hometown of Pandatherippu, he became active with the Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) and served as its president. During this time, he successfully introduced Coriander, Soy, and Corn cultivation for the first time to local farmers and was honored by Dept. of Agriculture, Sri Lanka.

Mr. Thampoo was an active member of the citizens committee of Jaffna. During the difficult years of war, he risked his life and helped the war victims. Using his position and the access he had to the military officials, he worked tirelessly to secure the release of many innocent youths and possibly saving many lives.

After settling in Ottawa, he continued his volunteer service through the Sivan temple and Ottawa seniors association. Mr. Thampoo always believed in engaging in political process in Canada and mobilized seniors to join political parties and on many occasions articulated the issues faced by the Tamils to the Canadian politicians. During his tenure as the treasurer of the Sivan temple, he worked hard to strengthen the financial position of the temple.

Mr Thamboo Thevarajah is recognized for his community leadership in following organizations:

  1. Lions Club - President & Treasurer in Jaffna.
  2. Red Cross - Jaffna.
  3. Temple Committee President and Secretary (Pandatherippu, Sri Lanka).
  4. Citizen Committee - Jaffna.
  5. Past president, treasurer of Ottawa Tamil Seniors association.
  6. Current president and past treasurer - The Sivan temple, Ottawa.

NCRTA is proud to congratulate Mr. Thampoo Thevarajah the recipient of Saba Ravishankar memorial award - 2014 for community leadership.

Archived: The selection invitation for the Saba Ravishankar Memorial Community Leadership Award in 2014.
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